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This project showcases the authentic journey of true Bolognese cuisine from the historic streets of Bologna to its new home in the dynamic cityscape of Chicago.


Through a blend of photography and documentary film, the project captures the essence of pasta artisanship, the freshness of raw materials, and the passion of the individuals behind the scenes. It highlights the importance of territory, the meticulous selection of ingredients by dedicated suppliers, and the rich intricacies of traditional Italian cooking techniques.


This narrative extends beyond the realm of food; it is a testament to the cultural exchange and the evolution of authentic Bolognese culinary traditions as they find a new expression in America's diverse gastronomic landscape.

Our Vision

Key Points


Quality of Ingredients

fresh ingredients that form the basis of Italian cuisine. This includes showcasing the origin of these materials, whether they're locally sourced in Italy or carefully selected in Chicago, emphasizing the importance of purity, flavor, and tradition in the ingredients used.


Italian Culinary Tradition in U.S.

Finally, we will delve into how Italian cuisine, particularly from Bologna, has been integrated and evolved in the American culinary landscape, highlighting the cultural exchange and adaptation of these traditional recipes.



The people behind the scenes are the heart of any culinary endeavor. We plan to feature the chefs and kitchen staff, capturing their skills, passion, and the teamwork that goes into preparing every dish.



An integral part of our narrative will be the suppliers and their role in providing high-quality ingredients essential to Bolognese cuisine. We'll explore their processes, from production to delivery, and how they maintain the authenticity and standards necessary for traditional Italian recipes

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The Food

Central to our project is the food itself. We will create visually stunning images and videos of various dishes, focusing on the presentation, the colors, and textures that make Bolognese cuisine so appealing



This aspect of the project explores the influence of the local environments in Bologna and Chicago on Bolognese cuisine. It examines how Bologna’s cultural and geographical landscape has shaped traditional culinary practices, and how Chicago's urban setting influences the adaptation of these dishes. 


This video was produced in Bologna to document the figure of 'SFOGLINE' and the significance of this traditional role, struggling with future challenges.

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