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Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth is a totally synthetic drug which comes in the form of white crystals.


It can be sniffed, smoked in a glass pipe or injected. It is considered one of the strongest and most harmful drugs ever, as addiction comes right after the very first dose. Physical degradation sets in fast. The substance provokes blood vessel contraction, teeth fall, appetite vanishes, the heart suffers irreparable damage, the skin loses its flexibibiby making the face look ten years older. In a very short time the drug user loses memory, becomes irritable and starts experiencing hallucinations.


Most Meth addicts are covered with small wounds: they keep on scratching themselves, convinced there are insects crawling under their skin. Fresno, California, is recognized as the capital of Crystal Meth because of its geographical position.

The proximity of Mexico turned it into a drug distribution hub for the whole of U.S. This rural area is made up of isolated buildings in the middle of farming fields, ideal for setting up illegal drug labs where huge quantities of Meth are produced. From here, Meth spread fast, as it is extremely cheap and easy to produce: the recipe is available on the internet and in just 40 minutes you can fix a dose made from ingredients like plumbing-cleaning acid, lantern oil, battery lithium and anti-freeze liquid.

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